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Systems Development Corporation

(Layer of The Club Of Rome)

Officials: Sheldon Arenberg and a staff of hundreds, too numerous to mention here. Purpose: To coordinate all elements of the intelligence communities of the U.S.A. and Britain. It analyzes what "players" have to be assigned the role of a national entity; for example, Spain would come under a supine watered-down Catholic Church, the U.N. under the Secretary General and so forth. It developed the system of "X RAY 2" where think tank personnel, military installations and law enforcement centers are all linked to the Pentagon through a nation-wide network of Teletypes and computers: To apply surveillance techniques on a nation-wide scale. Arenberg says his ideas are non-military, but his techniques are mainly those he learned from the military. He was responsible for the New York State Identification and Intelligence System, a typical George Orwell "1984" project, which is completely illegal under our Constitution.

The NYSIIS system is in the process of being adopted nationwide. It is what Brzezinsk referred to as the ability to almost instantaneously retrieve data about any person. NYSIIS shares data with all law enforcement and government agencies in the state. It provides storage and rapid retrieval of individual records, criminal and social. It is a TYPICAL Committee of 300 project.

There is a crying need for a full investigation to be conducted into just what it is that Systems Development Corporation is doing, but that is beyond the scope of this book. One thing is sure, SDC is not there to preserve freedom and liberty guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. How convenient that it should be located in Santa Barbara in easy reach of Robert Hutchins "Parthenon." Some publications put out by these Club of Rome institutions are as follows:

1. Center Magazine
2. Counterspy
3. Coventry
4. Covert Action Information Bulletin
5. Dissent
6. Human Relations
7. Industrial Research
8. Inquiry
9. Mother Jones
10. One
11. Progressive
12. Raconteur
13. The New Republic
14. Working Papers for a New Society