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The United States is still a British Colony





August 17, 1996

An Expose'

An introduction by the "Informer"


This is the latest from a man who visits me quite often. He and another man researched my theory that we have never been free from the British Crown. This disc shows the results. I have states that we will never win in their courts. This shows conclusively why. We have the hard copy of the treaties that are the footnotes. This predates Schroder's material, my research of the 1861 stats by Lincoln that put us under the War Powers confiscation acts, and John Nelson's material. All our material supports that the real Principal, the King of England, still rules this country through the bankers and why we own no property in allodium. This is why it is so important to start OUR courts of God's natural (common) Law and break away from all the crap they have handed us. This is one reason Virginia had a law to hang all lawyers but was somehow, by someone, (the King) set aside to let them operate again. Some good people put in the original 13th amendment so that without the lawyers the King could not continue his strangle hold on us. James shows how that was quashed by the King. I am happy that James' research of six months bears out my theory, that most people would not listen to me, that we are still citizen/subjects under the kings of England. My article called "Reality" published in the American Bulletin and the article of mine on the "Atocha case," wherein Florida in 1981 used it's sovereignty under the British crown to try to take away the gold from the wreck found in Florida waters supports this premise. James makes mention of the Law dictionaries being England's Law Dict. you will not is lists the reign of all the Kings of England. It never mentions the reign of the Presidents of this country. Ever wonder Why? Get this out to as many people as you can.

The Informer.

The United States is still a British Colony; Part 1

The United States is still a British Colony; Part 2

The United State is still a British Colony; Part 3


3. Forgotten Amendment

4. Civil War and The Conquest that followed

5. A Military Flag

6. Conclusion

7. Footnote 1: First Charter of Virginia

8. Footnote 2: The Paris Peace Treaty (Peace Treaty of 1783)

9. Footnote 3: Articles of Capitulation

10. Footnote 4:

11.Footnote 5: The Jay Treaty

12. Footnote 6: 1814 Treaty of Ghent 1814

13. Footnote 7: Washington's Vision: Anthony Sherman

14. Footnote 8

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