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Great victory for VA citizens

Dear Robert: I hope you will print this, because it is really good news and shows that something CAN be done at the local level about what is happening.....Just please leave off my name and address and include the email contact that is in the article. Thanks!

The Virginia House soundly defeated SB 348 yesterday, (58-38), which would have mandated the fingerprinting of people who forgot their licenses during a traffic stop. This was after the bill was unanimously passed by the Senate. An email alert was sent out by Virginia Taxpayers Association (, and people called their representatives to educate them about the threat to our civil liberties.

In the past month, both SB 62 (passed by the Senate) which would have mandated fingerprints or other biometrics on our drivers licenses (pushed by the AAMVA), and HJR 115, which would have called on Congress to mandate National ID's linked to our drivers licenses, were both defeated in the VA House, after people received email alerts and called their representatives and the committee members, educating them about these violations to our rights.

Conclusion: This can be a model and encouragement to people at the local level that they CAN stop this kind of legislation, even when it has been passed by the Senate. The representatives appreciate citizen involvement and interest, and are often so busy, that to have someone do their homework and call in with reasons opposing or supporting a bill is very helpful to them and their aides. And it often changes their minds! (Always be cordial) What is needed is someone in every state, (we have a great person in this one who runs the VA Taxpayers Association), who keeps an eye on the legislation pending, and alerts people by email about bills threatening our civil liberties, sending background on the bills and the phone numbers of those who will be voting on this. He then later sends the final vote, so we can thank those who voted in favor of our rights. It helps them, it helps us, and it can WORK!

I would encourage everyone to do this at the local level now, because we are facing unprecedented threats to our liberties since September of this past year, although the plans to take our liberties away have been in the works for longer than that. I would also encourage anyone who wants to network with Ken, or to call in about our email alerts in VA (even if they are out of state), to email him at, and sign onto the alerts list. Thank you!