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The Watchtower Bible & Tract society has always sought scholarly support for its theology. The trouble is, sometimes they have difficulty finding it. In several Watchtower publications, the Society cites a work of Johannes Greber as supporting its theology.(See below) Greber's stand on many major doctrines is identical to that of the Watchtower society. He does not believe in the Trinity and denies that Jesus is God.

In His own translation of the New Testament, Greber translates John 1:1 in a way strikingly similar to the Society's NEW WORLD TRANSLATION. He calls Jesus, or the Word, a god, rather than God. Both Watchtower publications, MAKE SURE OF ALL THINGS, page 489, and THE WORD WHO IS HE ACCORDING TO JOHN, page 5, quote his translation to support their own rendering of that verse.

A look into Greber's background proves most enlightening. In 1923, Greber, a Roman Catholic priest, became interested in communication with spirit beings. These spirits often spoke through his wife, a spirit medium, and told him the Bible was full of errors. The Bible clearly forbids all contact with demons professing to bring messages from God. Knowing this, the Society has even attempted to hinder research about Greber by informing inquirers writing them in 1981, that they do not know where his new Testament can be obtained.3 Yet, we have a copy of an official Watchtower letter sent to the Greber Foundation dated December 20, 1980 thanking them for sending their New Testament and a book entitled COMMUNICATION WITH THE SPIRIT WORLD OF GOD.

The Watchtower Society first began quoting Greber's translation on John 1:1 in 1962. To show the depths of their deception and that they knew what they were doing, we find that six years earlier, in the 1956 Watchtower, page 111, the Society mentions Greber and warns readers against his demon-inspired translation!

We would like to add our own warning for all Jehovah's Witnesses and Bible believers. Beware of the Watchtower's own NEW WORLD TRANSLATION, for it has been tainted by the teachings of demons.

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The Watchtower is deliberately lying!

Just take a look at the dates of these two letters:


So, in 1981 the Watchtower Society didn't know any place to get the Greber Translation? That's a blatant lie! Just take a look at this letter the Watchtower Society did send to The JOHANNES GREBER MEMORIAL FOUNDATION about a year before - December 20. 1980: