The Forbidden Knowledge:
A Revelation to Adam


It is time to AWAKEN from SLEEP! 


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The author of The Revelation website does not accept the orthodox interpretation of the bible.   Every church across the country LIES without realizing it.

Christianity is corrupt to the core.

Jesus Christ never existed.  If one studied, they would realize Jesus was a character played by ENKI's son THOTH.

I am not atheist. I believe in Supreme being.

Keywords; tetrahedron, Flower of Life and nineteen point five degrees.


Freemasonry was demonized, it is not evil.  The demonization created two groups that oppose each other.   They control both sides of the argument in an effort to keep us all fighting one another.

Day of the Dove - There is an evil entity on earth.  It promotes hatred and orchestrates wars that you fight.

Titor       que?       GAIA

"It's amazing how conservative Christians claim to be the persecuted ones in modern society even as they are fighting to control others' lives. They are the only group I know of who can define "persecution" as "not being allowed to dominate everything and everyone with a straight face."

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Religion is not about truth, it is about control.





Christians were duped into serving SATAN


Church is a Sunday social club.


In the fifties you saw wholesome shows which depicted a functional family where man and wife slept in separate beds and very rarely talked about sex.  Today the family is depicted as dysfunctional and everybody talks about sex.   Conditioning of the mind?  Who is behind it?

The Copyright - give credit where credit is due


The Washington Monument

Exporting Harm: The high-tech trashing of Asia

Number Systems

The TI-99/4a Home Computer

Who do you Serve and Protect?

The Magic of 13 . . a detailed look at the number 13, a number which is very important and one that they use.  We are taught that it is evil when it really is not.


Economic downturns and unemployment are both effects of a cause.

Government like big business is structured in such a way that no one department can change the entire system. This guarantees that those who are in control stay in control.

POWER - a (1) : ability to act or produce an effect

Those who have control are in places of power. Those who have power control the economy.

Economic downturns and unemployment happen because those who have power decide the fate of everyone else. What happened after the Great Depression of the 1930?

WAR, it is an effect of a cause. How many people died in wars in the past that were orchestrated by those who have power?



I have learned that it is not a light bulb.
It is a tool for meditation.



12/1/2017 - This domain will be cancelled at the end of December 2017.   People do not read any more.  My focus is Youtube.


11/29/2017 - The Fall of Man

10/23/2017 - The Illuminati - Christians have been brainwashed into fighting against Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven.

06/12/2017 -  The Illuminati Simplified (shorter version)

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05/19/2017 The Illuminati

02/01/2017 - 19.5, like and subscribe!

06/24/2016 - Greenhouse gases are not the root cause of Global Warming.  It is a Brown Dwarf star.   Play List

04/06/2016 - The Forbidden Knowledge; A Revelation to Adam (Video)

05/16/2015  - ENLIL Lied in Eden

01/14/2015 - Exposing the evil in the world.

11/19/2014 - Mars, Avebury and Washington D.C., 39 & 19.5 degrees.

 7/14/2014 -  The POWER OF 19.5

6-5-2014 - Obama

From left to right; Washington D.C., Avebury, England, and Cydonia, Mars.

19.5 doesn't occur naturally on different
planets like this!

Washington D.C. was designed by
Freemasons on earth.  How did they get from
 Mars to earth through the vacuum of space?


05-06-2014 - Enki

03-22-2014 - The controlled economy.

David Percy - Avebury, England / Mars, Cydonia connection.

America has two economic systems: capitalism for the rich, socialism for the poor. This flawed approach keeps the poor enslaved to poverty while the rich get richer.
Face it, welfare isn't working!

We don't live in a police state?



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19.5 and 33 degrees

Masonic Rituals - Major historical events were timed to astronomical events,  33 and 19.5 degrees are repeated throughout history.

Masons and Mystery at the 33rd Parallel

The Great Pyramid - What Has Happened To The Capstone Of The great Pyramid?    A timed Masonic ritual to astronomical alignment of Planet Mars, 33.33 degrees.


The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. - John Hay


Are you brainwashed?

The World Trade Center.

Who's The Enemy: -- The "End of Days" Begun?

The Geometry - Washington D.C., Cydonia, Mars, and Avebury, England, the geometry is all the same!   The thought of ET's controlling earth doesn't seem so far fetched now.   Remember, "they" are spirits just as we are.  Spirits can take human form as well as non human form.

Automaton mentality

Ocean debris turning Hawaiian beach 'into plastic' - Human beings are destroying the planet.   That is a fact.  Destroying life is something evil does.

There is a direct connection between those who have power and the automaton mentality.

 By definition, those who have power have the ability to act or produce an effect.    An automaton reacts without thinking.    Action/reaction, cause and effect.