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The Magic of 13

What universal forces have defamed the wonderful number 13? Throughout the streets of Paris, the Americas, and other parts of the world you can live in apartment #12, or even

#11, but the number thirteen is feared to the point of deletion. What has made the people so afraid that flights are avoided, days are feared, and tragedy is expected? The culture perceives Friday the 13th synonymous with DEATH. But truth be known - 13 IS LIFE!

It IS the most magical number of them all! It is a number of PERFECTION.   It is the number of LIFE, it is the number of TIME, it is the number of the ETERNAL PROMISE!


1 sperm (13 chromosomes) + 1 Ovum (13 chromosomes) = 26 (zygote)


(Thirteen) + (Thirteen) = 26


Leonardo Fibonacci discovered a mathematical pattern found in the structure of LIFE. It is the mathematical pattern which creates seashells, flowers, plant stems. This formula is reflected throughout the breeding patterns of rabbits, bees, and even in the quantum multiplication of electrons. The formula for LIFE is the sum of two preceding numbers, starting with the ONE.

(1) + 1 + 2 + 3+ 5+8+13 (all life begins in the ONE)


Precession is the measurement of the Earth's Vernal Point in an east to west direction across the sky. One Precessional Year or cycle takes 26,000 normal years, it is the largest and most perfect

measurement of TIME. And is constructed of Twelve Great Precessional Ages or Platonic Months of 2,150 Years, which determines the era of a particular epoch.

(One ) + 12 = 13
Precessional Year is 12 Platonic Months = 13 or (26,000 years)

One Zodiac + 12 Signs = 13

1 Year is 12 months (cycles) = 13

(ONE) + (Twelve) = 13 (life begins in the ONE).
JESUS + 12 Disciples = 13

For a reflective people are these not SIGNS?
For a scientific people are these not SIGNS!

These are simple FACTS. Don't believe the lies!! Embrace the number, meditate upon it, and celebrate it! It is very nature of your being, it is what makes YOU, and it is what will help SAVE YOU, because in it is the promise of ETERNAL LIFE - it is GLORIOUS! Everything was CREATED by DIVINE DECREE!

What does this really mean?


**The Mayan calendar renowned for its astronomical precision (it is the most astronomically correct calendar ever created), consists of a series of cycles of TIME, known as Bak'tun's. The Mayans believed the entire span of TIME was to last exactly 13 Bak'tun cycles. After the end of the 13th cycle the world was determined to end in cosmic cataclysm! Astronomers were finally able to coordinate the ancient Mayan calendar with ours during a solar eclipse in 1991, which the Maya predicted to the MINUTE many millennia ago. The mortal fear behind this discovery is that according to the Mayan calendar this world will end on December 2012, our TIME!

10,000BC - 9,000BC - 8,000BC - 7,000BC - 6,000BC - 5,000BC - 4,000BC - 3,000BC - 2,000BC - 1,000BC - 0 - 1,000CE - 2,000CE = 13 Bak'tuns

2000 - 2001 - 2002 - 2003 - 2004 - 2005 - 2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009 -2010 - 2011 - 2012 = 13 Years

Remember the great Mayan civilizations disappeared without a trace, creating a mystery modern 'modern' man cannot solve. No one really knows where they went!!

What does this really mean???


***In the Nation's Capitol the father of "ONE nation under God," George Washington, is memorialized in the rotunda ceiling on a mural entitled, The Apophiosis of Washington. The mural pictures the nations first father surrounded by 13 maidens.

Original colonies = 13

Coincidence? There is no such thing!

"God does not play dice!" Albert Einstein 1879 - 1955

January 13, 1999

Basketball superstar, international cultural icon, and real life hero Micheal Jordan retired from the NBA after completing 13 AMAZING seasons as the most successful sports superstar of ALL TIME on Wednesday January 13, 1999. Thanks Mike!!

January 13, 1999

Zygote Media Networks, Inc. officially launches The Millennium Resource ReportŪ project Wednesday January 13, 1999!!!! It was no coincidence. Thank God!

By the way; Mayan time is known as 13:20 which added equals 33. Well is that the origin?

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