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Exporting Harm:
The High Tech Trashing of Asia

Note: still captures on this web page came directly from the video

In January of 2003 I was made aware of a video made by the Basel Action Network (BAN) of Seattle, Washington. It is an extremely graphic video showing the environmental destruction that comes with Consumerism. For a twenty three minute video it sure packs a punch. If you watch the video in its entirety you will be horrified by what you see.

The design of the societal system is deliberate. Products are designed to break keeping Man under control through his dependence on the companies that manufacture them.

Modern day observations of the societal system show something interesting about its design. Its design prevents the accumulation of the knowledge by Man that accompanies technology by forcing people to throw it away. If a product breaks, repairs are more expensive then replacing it with a newer model so it is tossed in the dump or taken to a local recycler.

The domestic e-waste distributor

If you did a little research by calling the Solid Waste Division in government you will find that in fact electronic waste (e-waste) is hazardous. Government organizations for waste management will tell you to take your e-waste to a local recycler. Sounds good, right? Wrong! What they do not tell you is that domestic recyclers are nothing more then waste distributors and that your e-waste stands a very high chance of being shipped to an Asian destination.

E-waste - a toxic soup

E-waste comprises of so much lead it readily qualifies as hazardous. It is not well known that e-waste contains such hazardous materials like:

  • Beryllium
  • Cadmium
  • Barium
  • PVC
  • Mercury
  • PCBs
  • Brominated Flame Retardants

Most domestic recyclers cannot avoid export. They have no recycling options for electronic components domestically so they end up exporting it to Asia via container ships for recycling. In fact, 80 percent of e-waste from America finds its way to Asia.

No one had ever bothered to go to Asia and look at what recycling there looked like.

When the video cuts to China it shows you the wide spread destruction of Asia attributed to e-waste and ignorance.

Circuit boards, burnt plastics, videotapes, printer cartridges, toner cartridges, Cathode Ray Tubes and such litter the landscape. Most of which are from America and Japan..


Guiyu is four hours from Hong Kong. Six years ago Guiyu was a peaceful rice village but when e-waste started arriving by the truckload life there changed.

Both well water and surface water has been undrinkable in Guiyu for 5 years because of it being so polluted. It has to be trucked in from a town 30 Kilometers away. People in Guiyu use the polluted water to wash their dinner plates and wash their clothes with. Many get sick from it, even children.

Most in Asia are ignorant as to the health risks of that which makes up e-waste. The methods they are using to recycle poison the air they breath and of course, the water.

E-waste will always run down hill on the economic path of least resistance towards the poorest people. In China, environmental standards are lax and labor is cheap. Workers usually get paid $1.50 a day to recycle e-waste using primitive methods.

At right you see workers disassembling electronic equipment with hammers and other tools. After taking the most valuable parts most discard the unwanted material in ditches or along side roadways.

It is not uncommon to see charred circuit boards, burnt plastics and other electronic equipment dumped any where they can find a place for it.

Printer Toner Recovery

In parts of Guiyu streets are filled with stacks of printer and copier parts. Workers use paint brushes to extract small remains of toner from the printer cartridges. In doing that it creates a toner dust cloud and is inhaled by workers. By the end of the day workers are covered with black toner.

Toner contains Carbon Black, a probable human cocarcinogen and other materials of unknown toxicity. It can cause respiratory problems if inhaled.

For some reason the cartridges are not recyclable and are often dumped along roadsides and water ways.

Desoldering of Circuit boards

After circuit boards are taken from computers, they are then handled by hundreds of desoldering workers all over town. The circuit boards are placed over a coal fired gril to melt the solder. Then the chips are plucked from the boards for later sorting.

Some workers use fans to blow the led-tin toxic fumes away, But inhalation of the toxic fumes is inevitable as is the ambient fallout of the heavy medals over the entire community.

After the chips are removed the circuit boards are often burnt to recover residual solder and are discarded in the environment. The extracted chips are often sold to acid strippers.

Analysis of the soil, water and sediment samples were found to have levels of led more then 200 times to which the Dutch government considers sediment to be hazardous waste. "River water was 2400 times the world heath organizations threshold level for led in drinking water."

Acid Strippers

Many electronic parts are comprised of tiny amounts of gold. This gold is extracted using a method that is very damaging to both humans and the environment.

Acid strippers usually operate on river banks just outside of town. They heat over small fires a toxic mixture called Aqua Regia. Aqua Regia is comprised of 75% pure Hydrocloric Acid and 25% pure Nitric acid. It is swirled over tubs of computer chips to extract the tiny amounts of gold found inside.

Then a chemical is added which precipitates the gold making it settle to the bottom of the tub. This is recovered as a mud, dried, and finally melted to a tiny beed of gold.

The method produces sulfur dioxide and chlorine. The only protective gear the worker use are rubber boots and gloves. The sludge from the process is dumped and leaks into the river.

Testing the acidity of the water.

"It's almost zero, extremely, you know, the highest acidity you can get."

Societal design is deliberate

Companies like government are designed in such a way that no one department can change the entire system. People fall in line with their business and government leaders like robots never questioning authority.

Recycling isn't the answer. Stopping the waste from where it starts is the answer. Those who control big business do not want to change the system because if they did they would lose their control over Man.

"We now have a very ugly scenario where the United States on one hand, is doing everything it can to prevent the contamination of its own soil by the dumping of e-waste into its landfills. On the other hand they are actively promoting the wholesale exporting of this waste to Asia where it ends up in rice patties and irrigation ditches . This has gone unnoticed until now.

The United States talks of real good environmental justice at home for its own people but they work in opposition of environmental justice on the global stage." - Jim Puckett, Coordinator of Basel Action Network

America isn't the only country exporting harm. E-waste from Japan, Canada and other developed countries gets exported to Asia as well.

Don't ever think that government leaders and business leaders do not know what is going on in the world. Both work in tandem with each other to further their goals. They know exactly what they are doing, it was all planned long ago.

China is the same government that executes prisoners so they can sell their body parts. This page ought to make you wonder how many of those body parts are contaminated.

It amazes me how a people can be conditioned not to think and convinced that dependency and a mind void of knowledge leads to individual prosperity. Landfills of the world reflect a people who would rather destroy themselves intellectually and later destroy the environment they live in rather then realize knowledge and live in harmony with nature. Most do not even realize it is all by design because everybody else thinks the same as they do. It is pure insanity.

In the video the point was made that the reason why domestic e-waste is exported to Asia is because Asia is poor. Cheap labor and lax environmental laws make it easy to get rid of domestic e-waste. "It's all about the money." Money is guaranteed to those who are in control. So it isn't about the money, it is about control. Those who have control do not want to give it up. The very design of the societal system and its effect on you proves that.

Nobody would destroy their own home, yet that is exactly what Man is doing. It is pure insanity. No matter how you look at it, intellectually and environmentally, Consumerism destroys. It is also deliberate.

The biblical significance

What does the destruction of earth coincide with? The key word here is, destroy. Who is the destroyer? Well, the bible tells us in Exodus 6:8 it is Satan. It also says he controls this world in II Corinthians 4:4. The fact that Consumerism and its effects are in the world is undeniable proof the bible is correct because it coincides with modern day observations of the societal system.

The societal system is forcing the situation upon the people by design. Because the focus is sharp in the city, people do not realize the level of destruction in the world. The masses are bombarded with mind control propaganda designed to keep them asleep and preoccupied while the insanity continues.

Judgement is the product of freewill. If a people act irresponsibly, they pay the price. The judgements falling on earth do not originate from Christ's Father, they originate from Man's ignorance. Man is destroying himself via the devices of Satan and the ones who initiated those devices are the global elite.

Monday, January 13, 2003; The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
U.S. computer makers get poor grades in recycling, report says (newspaper scan)

Note: e-waste isn’t limited to just computer equipment. Video Cassette Recorders, Video Tapes, Televisions anything electronic is e-waste.

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